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Knee Pain with complete ACL Tear
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Knee Pain with complete ACL Tear

I had Knee Pain and swelling after I snapped or popped my knee playing Basketball two weeks ago. I went to see my Orthopedic doc and he recommended MRI. My MRI results are as follows:


1. Small focus of bone bruising in the anterolateral femoral condyle in association with almost complete tear of ACL. Sprain of the lateral collateral ligaments and lateral retinaculum with partial tear of the insertion of the vastus lateralis muscle.

2. Mild Intrameniscal signal in the lateral meniscus without definite tear. There is intrameniscaul signal in the medial meniscus posterior horn extending to the inferior surface only on a single image. This probably represents intrameniscal injury which does not definitely extend to the articular surface.

3. Shallow trochlear groove with lateral tilt of the patella which is a development variant. There is mild fimbriation of the cartilage of the lateral patellar facet and lateral femoral condyle. There is no evidence of dislocation of the patella or a patellar cartilage fracture at this time.

PS: I am starting my rehab with physical therapy from June 17.
My questions are:

1) I still have swelling and pain and I am still varying a knee brace or a bandage to keep my knee stable but how long I have to wear this.

2) Do I need a surgery or sugery is a good option for me even if I don't want to play any contact sports in the future

3)If I don't do surgery what are chance of me getting arthitis in the future and is it possible to just rehab and don't do the surgery.

4) I am trying to do some rehab by myself with extension and flexion exercise but still painful and swelling is there so I was wondering why swellling is not going away. Also, should I do rehab exercise with knee brace or bandage on? because I tried without bandage and knee brace it is very painful.

I will appreciate any help I can get on this because I am flooded with so many questions and seraching for those answers.

Thank You All,

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Well first of all I want to say I am sorry this had to happen to you . . I tore mine in January and also had surgery in January. I tore my ACL and my MCL(which they said the MCL would grow back on its own). My Dr. suggested I have surgery. I had the Patellar tendon surgery in case I decided to play basketball again. In most cases, I think it is a good idea to have surgery. however I would DEFINITELY talk to your doctor about all of this. Write down all your questions for him/her and they SHOULD be happy to answer them because this really is a serious injury. I would be careful doing rehab, especially by yourself and doing the extensions. at least after surgery because of the location of the tendons you shouldnt extend. I wish I could help more, but I chose to have surgery and thats when you really have to be careful about doing the extensions. A lot of ACL tear cases are different such as your other injuries in your knee could determine or alter other options. So take my opinions for what they are worth. Definitely ask your DR.
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