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Shooting Pain on the Side of my Left Knee
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Shooting Pain on the Side of my Left Knee

I have a brutal pain that has developed on the side of my left knee.  There is inflammation on the outside of the left knee.  

Knee History:
I have large bumps just under my kneecaps which I have had since I was young. This had been diagnosed as Osgood-Schlatters Disease and the bumps are very prevalent in both knees.  I injured both knees several times while playing football in high school, but never required surgery.  I am now in my mid twenties.  I play a lot of basketball and am generally active.  Within the last two months I have begun lifting weights very seriously and have put a great deal of strain on my lower body in particular.  This past weekend I went on a rather strenuous hike/climb that included some limited rock climbing.  

The Pain:
About two weeks ago I began to notice inflammation on the outside of my left knee.  This was accompanied by a small amount of pain.  The day after hike this inflammation became far more profound and painful.  The inflammation is nearly identical to the same kind of inflammation under my knee caps.  It is very hard, though is prone to swell and contract some unlike those under the caps.  The pain exists most heavily when climbing stairs or walking up grates.  The pain is scarcely evident going downhill or down stairs.  The pain continues to exist even when not putting weight on it.  In particular it is painful to sleep at times.  The bump itself is totally on the side of the knee cap although 3/4 of an inch below the top of the knee cap.

Self Observations:

I have noticed that if I spend about an hour trying to stretch out the knee and the calf that the pain substantially subsides for 4-6 hours.  It is extremely painful to stretch, but is effective at diminishing the pain throughout the day.  When I sleep I have noticed that if I put a firm object behind my knee cap the pain will subside enough for me to sleep.  

The fact that the pain can be somewhat managed by stretching constantly leads me to believe that somehow I managed to overstress a tendon around the knee and that it has responded by swelling.  My plan is to simply take it easy on the knee, avoid stairs, etc and do lots of stretching similar to what I did growing up for the Osgood-Schlatters.  

I am concerned this may be symptomatic of a more serious condition that I can't simply "tough out" Thoughts?
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Avatar dr m tn
hi buddy,
osgood's disease is a traction disease and resolves once the stress goes off.
And you u r a young man, so it should not prevail.
This sounds like you may have damaged some cartilage or meniscus.
I wuld suggest to give it rest for few more days as well as use some elasto crape bandage.
If it doesn't helps you, then meet an orthopaedician.
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