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Swelling and pain 6 months after fall
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Swelling and pain 6 months after fall

I am a 29 year old male. Otherwise healthy aside from the below:

Around 6 months ago I suffered a fall down stairs resulting in a severe blunt trama to the left buttock. I was left with a large bruise and hematoma. The bruising dispersed after 1 month and the hematoma shrunk considerably but remained at the impact site along with a noticable deformity.
Complete loss of pain occured around 6 weeks and i returned to light excersise.
2 months after the inital fall, whilst jogging i had a massive stabbing pain at the impact site, my glut cramped up and I was unable to continue jogging. I again rested and applied ice for a few days and returned to excersise to recieve the same pain. Noticable swelling around the impact site and deformity presented so I made a vist to the docs, who proscribed anti imflamitory gel.
Over time the area around the hematoma and defority has swollen and become more tender. There is a palpable mass deep under the site that seems to be getting larger, it is not painful to the touch but very uncomfortable when sitting. The stabbing pain still occurs when running or jumping but a general dull ache is now constant.
Pain is now radiating down through the buttock down to my left knee. Excersise is impossible along with walking or sitting for long periods of time.

A futher 2 visits to the doctor and he has arranged for an MRI.
The doctor refused to give any hint into what could cause this and advised me to wait until the MRI results.

I am getting increasingly anxious as it is now getting worse on a daily basis and is hindering my work and handicapping me socially.

Any help in a probably diagnoses would be most welcome.
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Thanks for the query
Since the pain is radiating down it may be slipped disc in lumbar region .
But from your history,  myositis ossificans can be suspected. For disc problem you need a detail neurological examination and imaging investigations.
If myositis ossificans causing significant problems like  nerve irritation or movement then surgery can be considered. Simultaneously physiotherapy is needed
Wish you a good recovery
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