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Wrist problem
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Wrist problem

Hola.  I am a 23 yr old male guitar player, and I have been having some trouble with my left wrist.  The other day I was doing a bunch of yoga stretches for my hand, some of them were quite awkward, and aI heard and felt alot of popping as I was doing one.  now my wrist pops sometimes when I am moving it up and down or rotating it.  Also, mainly, when ever I am playing guitar, and I am turning my wrist to play something different on the guitar, I get a sharp shocking pain down the center of my wrist, other than that it does not hurt, it is only when I am turning my wrist  a certain way when playing.  Could this just be a overuse injury that will heal, have I pinched a nerve maybe?  I am going to see my orthopaedist soon, just wanted to wrap my mind around what kind of problem I have going on.
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Hello dear,
The wrist pain  may be due to the following causes-
• Tendonitis is a common problem that can cause wrist pain and swelling. Wrist tendonitis is due to inflammation of the tendon sheath. Treatment of wrist pain caused by tendonitis usually does not require surgery.
• Sprain
Wrist sprains are common injuries to the ligaments around the wrist joint. Sprains can cause problems by limiting the use of our hands.
• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Carpal tunnel syndrome is the condition that results from dysfunction of one of the nerves in the wrist. In carpal tunnel syndrome the median nerve is compressed, or pinched off, as it passes through the wrist joint.
• Arthritis
Arthritis is a problem that can cause wrist pain and difficulty performing normal activities. There are several causes of arthritis, and fortunately there are a number of treatments for wrist arthritis.
• Fractures
A wrist fracture is a common orthopedic injury. Patients who sustain a broken wrist may be treated in a cast, or they may need surgery for the fracture
You should get an evaluation done.
Refer http://orthopedics.about.com/od/handwrist/a/wristpain.htm
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