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lifted something heavy, and now my right bicep hurts whenever i straigh...
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lifted something heavy, and now my right bicep hurts whenever i straighten it

i lifted a pretty heave tv yesterday, was helping out my friend.
i put it down and dropped it a couple of times, just for the record.

its been a day and my biceps are hurting; i cant move them/straighten them without a sharp stabbing pain, and whenever i press down on them they hurt.

my left one isnt significant, thats okay, but its my right one im worried about. it hurts whenever im holding something, it hurts whenever i straighten it, and it hurts when i apply pressure on the upper forearm, just in front of the elbow.

im thinking torn tendon, but my biceps are pretty strong,
someone told me that since i havent been working out for over a year, when i lifted the heavy item more than once, iv strained it.

but im thinking its a torn tendon.
just fyi, no swelling/redness that i can see, although my bicep has gone unusually harder than usual, even when its not flexed.

anyone with any answers?
im thinking i want to get a general idea before waiting 5 months for a physiotherapist,
then another 6 weeks just for an MRI...

thanks for your help.
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