reaction to knee injections
by Anne32044, Mar 13, 2010
My mother has had several gel injections into her knees over the years.  The last was a week ago and she had much pain soon afterward with swelling.  I talked to the dr.'s nurse who told me my mother must have had a "reaction" to the injection and should probably use a different product next time.  I wonder  if these injections can be put in the wrong place in the knee area and that might cause pain. Her pain and swelling have lessened somewhat, but she is still restricted in her activities.  Any thoughts?
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by Dr VinodBlank, Mar 14, 2010

Viscosupplementation is the method of taking synvisc injections. They are hyaluronic acid derivatives and they do not relieve pain but help to treat the pathology for osteoarthritis.
She can try synvisc or any other different product if she is allergic.

Consult an orthopedician and try to take an appointment for the next injection.

Take care!