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three weeks after grade 2 ankle sprain
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three weeks after grade 2 ankle sprain

I am a non-athlete, and had a grade 2 lateral ankle sprain [right foot] I still have some residual swelling and stiffness. I can walk without pain.However, when moving my ankle with range of motion, there is still some pain [to me, more like "discomfort"] and a feeling like something is "pulling" inside.Occasionally, the ankle feels unstable walking over uneven ground. I am also excercising the ankle,foot and lower leg to try to regain muscle strength, with some minor "discomfort"
When I had initial x-rays, the were"negative" at the walk-in medical aid unit. My primary dr. has no appointments for the entire month of July, so seeing him is out of the question. So, my question is, for this type of sprain, and not being able to get an immediate follow-up dr. appointment, does it sound like my ankle is progressing normally?
Many thanks, signed , a "klutz"
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Hello Dear,
Most ankle sprains need only a period of protection to heal. The healing process takes about four weeks to six weeks. The doctor may tell you to incorporate motion early in the healing process to prevent stiffness. Motion may also aid in being able to sense position, location, orientation and movement of the ankle. Even a complete ligament tear can heal without surgical repair if it is immobilized appropriately. Even if an ankle has a chronic tear, it can still be highly functional because overlying tendons help with stability and motion
• Rest your ankle by not walking on it.
• Ice should be immediately applied. It keeps the swelling down. It can be used for 20 minutes to 30 minutes, three or four times daily. Combine ice with wrapping to decrease swelling, pain and dysfunction.
• Compression dressings, bandages or ace-wraps immobilize and support the injured ankle.
• Elevate your ankle above your heart level for 48 hours.

Allow more time for healing to occur in grade 2 ankle sprain. A device can be  used to immobilize or splint the ankle.

All ankle sprains recover through three phases:
• Phase 1 includes resting, protecting the ankle and reducing the swelling (one week).
• Phase 2 includes restoring range of motion, strength and flexibility (one week to two weeks).
• Phase 3 includes gradually returning to activities that do not require turning or twisting the ankle and doing maintenance exercises
Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs may be used to control pain and inflammation.Do not worry and practice the above measures.
Refer http://orthoinfo.aaos.org/topic.cfm?topic=A00150
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