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what do these readings mean/types of surgery options
this is what i recieved for a reading on my MRI. What are the options
         Findings:: bones marrow
there is marked disc ppace narrowing at the
c6-7 level. There is cervicothrocacic scholiosis. Mild space narrowing is notede at multiple other levels with minimal retrolisthesis at C3-4..No compression fracture is identified.
      Disc levels
C2-3 normal for age
C3-4posterior disc ostheophyte complex eccentric to the left with moderate left foraminal narrowing.
C4-5shallow central protrusion with disc ostheophyte complex with moderate bilateral foraminal narrowing
C5-6posterior disc ostheophyte complex with unconvertrable hypertrophy mild left and mild to moderate right foraminal narrowing
C6-7posterior disc osthoephyte complex with unconvertrable hypertrophy and moderate bilateral foraminal narrowing
C7-T1left posterolateral disc osthoephyte complex with moderate bilateral foraminal narrowing
     What all this means to me is I hurt all the time ,what to you recomend as I dont ssee a dr until next week and I cant take the pain anymore
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