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Pain from a scale of 1-10 i have 12 pain mgt told me to slow breath in...
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Pain from a scale of 1-10 i have 12 pain mgt told me to slow breath in and out

i do not mean to tell anyone what i feel they should do in there case but i do ask if you have gone through physical therapy for a year &1/2 pain management therapy for a year deep muscle massage (if anyone has gone through this it is not calming it is really painfull they try to move your muscle that are out of place or nerves that have been injured and grew back behind the muscle back into pain i have passed out in these sessions) i have gone through
electric nerve stimulation, by the way what my injury is totally was tramatic brain injury with long thorasic nerve damage that i had complained in the first few months well doctors wait until 4th year to check it out they found the nerve damage problem it grew back just grew back completely in the wrong place. i have gone through every consevable thing known to man but I have to do it because I am on WC everything and a few others that I have forgot the name of where they stick needles in all the bad nerves. the end to all this is almost in year 5 and everyone of these would put me in so much pain sometimes i could'nt get out of bed for a day sometimes 3 or4 days. Now i am back to square one surgery. I went through all that pain only to at the end go through what they knew at the begining it would end this way but doctors have this way of stretching things as long as they can kind of like a money think My pain management dr said after i missed 2 visits in a row because I was have a tramatic brain injury episode which includes migraines, vomiting  pain and passing out (she let me know she really needed me to make my appointment because she had a morgage to pay!!!!! she knew everything my family had gone through how we had lost our home our clothes our items our parents had handed down to us in the family just to list a few of our things we had to deal with, that brings me back to what is pain management therapy besides more pain and no answers and you dont get any better. I guess you can tell i sound very judgemental but after loosing my children to my x because i can barely make ends meet and lost everything I have worked 40 years to get yes they are just material things but to loose them because I was the innocent one who was tramatically hurt doesnt seem right.  sorry if I said to much but if anyone can tell me anything other than what i have listed that works on the neck, migraines, shoulder blade, lower rt hip and right leg after a major convulsion, spasm or seizure i would deeply appreciate it.
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what meds are you currently taking?
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Hi Spikette,
    Welcome to our community.It sounds like you can use all the support you can get. I am so sorry you have been through so much and still live in this kind of unrelenting pain.
Do you manage your pain with any type of medications? If so it sounds like you need an adjustment badly.
You have been through alot of treatments and yes all these even though they suspect they will do you no good. Especially workers comp!
They are very hard to deal with indeed. I have family members on W/C and it is a never ending battle trying to get the help needed.
Have you gotten a W/C attorney yet? I would strongly advise you to if you have not.
There are new treatments being developed all the time and some are being used in studies across the US. I know here in Florida they advertise studies for new
treatments very frequently. This may something that you will benefit from. I will help you see what studies are going on in your area if you would like.
There is also procedure where the nerves are burned that are causing pain. Your symptoms does sound like either nerve damage or a pinched nerve.
I will send you some information on this procedure.
Please let us know what we can do to help and keep us updated. We are here for you what ever you may need. Questions or if you just need to vent that's fine too:)
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You have every right to be so pissed off!!!! HOW DARE a doctor say that to you!!!!!!!!  
I learned through years of physical therapy it is a long drawn out process that does nothing more than take your money, do nothing for your health and create more stress for you the patient.  I was in PT last year, they set me up 3 times per week.  I was so stressed going for these appointments. I was seeing a therapist that would say to me, you are so complicated with all your pain, I don't know where to start. I'd show up for my appointment and she'd look at me and say where do you want to start. One day I lost and said "you are the therapist I am expecting you to have a plan of action."  I cancelled all the rest of the appointments. This was after months of going, being in more pain just getting to these appointments.  And unless you come across an amazing therapist and I have in 20 years of going to PT, come across ONE very good PT therapist who actually cared about what she did for a living, the rest could care less and preferred to be in sports medicine with younger healthier people.  
So my theory of PT is I won't go anymore.  I won't use my medical for it or my time.

Now I would see an attorney if I were you.  It almost sounds like you have been re-injured through all of this PT.  You didn't say how you got the brain injury but it sounds like the current doctor you are seeing is negligent in your treatment.  

I am so sorry for the loss of your family. Please try to focus on your health and getting yourself with a team of good doctors, there are many out there that would never say something like this doctor did.  

If PT is not working for you please speak up and don't continue something that seems to be making you worse. I am not a doctor but I have been sent to PT for over 20 years and I refuse each time it is mentioned now.  
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Everyone is different and what may work for one person may not work for another.
Do not take someone else's bad reaction to a treatment to mean that that treatment may not work for you. We all know how expensive treatments can be but if the treatment works then it is worth the money.
Physical therapy has helped millions of people. Look at people who play sports this is the number one treatment for them to regain the use of the injured body part.
Don't be too quick to dismiss any treatment option because another member tells you of their bad experience because as I said everyone is different.
You may experience some discomfort but this is to be expected with PT.
If you have any questions feel free to ask:)
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Hello Confused,

I hear your frustration and pain in your words and I am so sorry that you have had such horrible experiences.

Sandee is correct. There are good PT out there. I have had a few great ones and thankfully only one not so great one. There are some new methods and new approaches in PT. I encourage you to find another PT that you are more comfortable with and that may bring you some success.

As Sandee brought up I also think you need better pain management. Have you seen a PMP? If not I suggest that you request a referral. If you are seeing one have a long talk with him/her and explain your pain levels. If that PMP is not willing to offer more, find a new one.

Sometimes we just get dealt a bad hand in life. Unfortunately we have to play with the cards that we are dealt, like it or not. We have to make the best of a bad situation. After these many years I am guessing that your pain may be more chronic and permanent than acute and temporary. I am not saying give up hope. We never give do that. But I do suggest that you seek out physicians that will provide you with better pain control. No one deserves nor should be expected to try to deal with pain at a level 12.

I understand that W/C can be more than difficult to work with. I have worked with them for years in a professional setting. They are a business and therefore their goal is to spend as little money in this process as possible. Your best bet may be to consult with a W/C Legal Firm. Know your rights and execute them. Every state and every case if different.

We are here to offer as much support as we can through words. Please let us know how you are doing.
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I am SO SORRY you are experiencing that level of pain. As Tuck rightly said, I too can feel your pain and frustration in your words.

If your pain levels were as high as a 9 or 10 on the pain scale, you SHOULD be hospitalized in my opinion, and yours it a twelve? You should be calling 911 and get the treatment that you need intravenously. Sometimes we have demand treatment and I know that can be difficult, I have really only experienced pain levels as high as what I'd consider an 8/10 and I'm NOT fun to be around let me tell you.....I couldn't imagine being any higher than that.

Do you have an update for us? Is there anyone there that could call 911 or take you to the ER????

Please let us know how you are doing.

Best regards.

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