37 weeks and no dialation, softening, or contractions! Is this normal?
by marie1210, Mar 27, 2008
I've been waiting for the birth of my first child for what seems like forever and while I don't want her to come before she is ready, shouldn't I be showing some kind sign or something that labor is in the next few weeks.  I had my 37 week check up and I'm not dialated at all, my cervix is still hard.  I haven't even had an increase in vaginal discharge.  I don't even think I've felt Braxton Hicks contractions.  The only thing that has changed is the amount of pain I feel between my legs and the weight of the baby.  Is it possible that because this is my first child, my body is having a harder time getting into the grove?  I'm just anxious to meet her.  I hope someone can shed some light on this.  I thought for sure I'd have something, anything, by now.  
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by vsentz, Mar 27, 2008
oh sweetie! i feel you!! im probably not the best or most knowledgeable person to give advise on this topic, but i feel the same way, even tho im only 35 weeks! =/, i mean, don't get me wrong! i want her to cook as long as possible, but i don't want her to be overdue either! =S that worries me...
My one friend, she's about your stage and she is 1cm dialated, and like 75% effaced...... ya know? i would die!!! i would be EXTREMELY  excited i could hardly help myself but to shout it out loud to the world! i think i need to get more ready as far as setting everything up for the bassinet, wash her onesies and clothes.... get a nursing bra/top.... and last minute stuff! maybe even start packing my bag?? and set the carseat in the truck??? oh golly! it makes me so excited!! i bet you are even more! the closer you get the more it is! =))
have you talked to your OB about being induced if you don't see any baby signs by week 40??
by DML100607, Mar 27, 2008
Im 39 weeks...due April 2.   I was just at the doctors today, and they checked my cervix and told me I was 75-80% effaced....about 2 cm dialated and the baby is -3 station.
Unfortunately, it really is just a waiting game.  There's no way of knowing how soon the baby will get here.....I wish there were something to accurately predict it....but the bottom line it, the baby will decide when he's coming!!

Like you, I also don't feel or really notice any braxton hicks contactions.  That had me a little worried because with only a week to go, I keep reading that they should be getting stronger or more noticeable.  The only time I happen to notice them is if I happen to touch my belly with my hand and feel its really hard.  I never feel it happening or coming on.  The Doctor said that its perfectly normal if you don't really feel or notice them.  It doens't meant that things aren't progressing, or are progressing slowly.   So, I hope that bit of info makes you feel a little made me feel better! ;)

So hang in there....I have less than a week to go and the waiting is killing me.  I just want him here already!!

Oh, and I also lost the mucus plug well over a week ago and still  
The Dr. said there's no way to know.....just to go home, eat, sleep, relax and wait for contrations....could be 2 days....could be  2 weeks.  That was NOT what I was hoping to hear at this appointment.  I was hoping they'd check my cervix and say, "oh wow....we need to get you to the hospital NOW!!" dice!!!   :( I wait.  *sigh*
by Sheri1972, Mar 27, 2008
When I was at 38 weeks, I had nothing going on... no softening, no contractions that I was aware of... I just felt the same as always.  The baby was still flipping and kicking and not settling down as they do just prior to delivery.

Then, suddenly, my water broke!  It was a shock, but he was born 45 minutes later! (C Section)

So, you're just fine. :)  I know it gets hard at the end to wait, but you might be suddenly surprised one night, or baby might just hang around a bit more so she can get big and strong before entering the world!

Good luck to you and the little one!

by saj39, Mar 27, 2008
I felt the same way on Tuesday when I went to the doctor (I was exactly 37 wks on Tuesday)...I was so sick of hearing my cervix was long and closed it wasn't funny. Keep in mind this is my 4th baby, but I have never carried past 37 weeks, so I was in uncharted territory and miserable with pain down there and pressure. Well I went to the doctor on Tuesday and I was soft and 2 cm!!!! She thinks i'll go within the week but that was 2 days ago and other than some sparatic(sp) contractions no sign of baby. I am at my wits end but there is hope for you. It does make me feel better that at least I am doing something. When are you due?
by marie1210, Mar 27, 2008
Oh girls, thanks so much, I don't feel so bad now.  I am enjoying pregnancy but I am rather uncomfortable.  I know I'm just ready to meet her but maybe she's not ready yet.  I am due April 15th.  Saj39, I think we are at the exact same point.  I was 37 weeks on Tuesday also!  I can handle a few more weeks.  I still need to get a few things, like a nursing bra and such, but that's it.  Come on baby!!!  Good luck to you all.  I hope all your labor and deliveries go great!  
by dainsey, Mar 27, 2008
I feel your pain!  I'm 40 weeks today and nothing!  No contractions, no dilation, nothing.  I saw the doctor yesterday and we already scheduled me to be induced next Wednesday, April 2nd cause he doesn't think anything will happen between now and then :-(
by pcarsey, Mar 27, 2008

Like the others.. I too had nothing and then one day at 36 weeks right after a nice long shower.. getting dressed my water decides it's ready to spill over! All over everything! I had absolutely nothing before hand.. and actually thought I would be pregnant forever! I felt really good too.. could have ran a marathon! Maybe you should look out for the day that you feel really good.. it could happen then =o)

Good Luck!!

by Tanker Chic, Mar 27, 2008
i just depends. Everyone is different.  Some people start early and go slow. Others don't and then BAM, just like that it all starts to happen.