Is this implantation bleeding?
by ntaylor, Nov 04, 2006
Hi everyone. Please feel free to use as open forum.
I am post ovulation day 5. I'm ttc and realllly tried this cycle. Today after I went to the bathroom and wiped, I had a tiny bit of bright red blood, looked very fresh. I was confused because I thought implantation blood was supposed to be darker? Anyway, it was so strange I thought maybe it was from somewhere else, like I had a cut, but I looked and wiped everywhere (sorry tmi!!)and could not find anymore. I even checked my cervix, thought maybe I'd find more blood, but that was it!! One wipe!! Does this sound like implantation?

What are some of your experiences with implantation? Also, I've had cramping since around the time of bleeding down low. COuld this be related?

Any help would be great, thanks!
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by alisoncw, Nov 04, 2006
Both times I have had implantation bleeding, I thought I was getting my period.  I usually spot for one day and then get my period.  The implantation bleeding I had was like that spotting right before a period, and it lasted for two or three days.
by TriciaAS, Nov 04, 2006
My first pregnancy during implantion,I wiped a small amount of pink blood on CD26. After that, nothing, the next morning I knew that I was pregnant because my temperature was still high.

The second time when I went to the bathroom (#2), I looked in the toilet and there seemed to be a lot of blood in there thinking that I got my period. Again on CD26. I wiped and got pink blood. After that nothing. and my temperature was still high the next day.  

Are you taking your temperature? Because that helps a lot.
My one friend though had brown, old blood for her implantion bleeding, so everyone is different.
by ntaylor, Nov 04, 2006
Thanks for responding. Last time I was pregnant I wasn't trying and didn't have this awful 2ww. Unfortunatley I lost that to m/c. I am taking my temperature like crazy, I actually get excited to wake up and take it. I also took OPK's and check cm and cervical position. My temperature has remained high, like I said I'm only post o by 5 days, so I wouldn't expect my period for a while anyway, but I'm hoping it doesn't come at all.
by duehring, Nov 04, 2006
Are you constipated at all? I have had that exact thing happen with a couple of my pregnancies and it was coming from the back instead. My doctor said it can be from being constipated and irritated.

It looked like from a scrape or cut and only showed up on the toilet paper.

just a thought...
by pixijal, Nov 05, 2006
I experienced implantation bleeding with my first pregnancy.  It was a gush of bright red blood...I thought I had started, so I put in a tampon and went to work.  A couple of hours later, clean tampon and never saw anymore of it....a few days later, I started seeing brown stuff.  This actually lasted until I should have started the next month.  Consequently, I did not realize there was pregnancy until I was vomitting my tequilla in Mexico on vacation....Went home, took a positive test, saw the dr.  immediately and I was 8weeks, 6days...very exciting!
by ntaylor, Nov 05, 2006
Thank you, I will!!!
by pookie1121, Nov 05, 2006
I was worried too when I had bright red bleeding.  (I had read that implantation bleeding was usually pink or brown.)  I had spotting when I wiped at 9DPO and again the same thing about 24 hours later on 10DPO. That was it.

I think that implantation bleeding usually happens between 7-10DPO ... so 5DPO is a little early ... but every woman is different, so who knows!  Lots of luck to you!
by nalla, Nov 05, 2006
Implantation bleeding could be very mild spotting or heavier. It just depends on the woman. Good luck and hope you are pregnant. Keep us posted!!
by spunkjc, Nov 06, 2006
Does implantatin bleeding always only take palce right in the begining? I read somewhere that it does about 1-2 ovulation. I did have that thought I was starting my period 4 days early but nothing came. Now I'm 5 3/4 weeks and went to the bathroom right now and again bright red blood when I wiped??? I read some post that women say they had implantation bleeding up to week 7 have you heard that?