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Please help me RPR reactive VDRL and TPHA NEGATIVE
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Please help me RPR reactive VDRL and TPHA NEGATIVE

Hi Doctors,
         I am 25yrs old male and i have a RPR reactive and VDRL, TPHA Non reactive due to my RPR result i can't work abroad please help me to resolve this i need to have a negative RPR result since i will be working abroad. I have a history of HEPATITIS A when i was 15yrs old during high school and last december i had sinusitis and my doctor gave  me co-amoxiclav now i dont have sinusitis. I am confuse  please help me my girlfriend is pregnant 3months thats why i need to work abroad badly. I under go several lab test This is my lab results:
November 29,2012.                *January 10,2013
VDRL- Negative.                 VDRL/RPR - Reactive
HIV- Negative.                        January 12, 2013
HEPATITIS B- Negative         TPHA- Non reactive
AIDS Clearance - non reactive

January 15, 2013( Dept of health lab)
RPR- reactive (1:64)

April 18, 2013
VDRL- Non reactive    

April 25, 2013
RPR with titer - Reactive 1:2

Please help me doctors. GOD BLESS
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