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ache in testicle and lower abdomen
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ache in testicle and lower abdomen

Hello, I am 21. as I bend to sit, or get up, or just bend over, or cough, I get an ache in my left testicle, and lower abdomen. I don't believe this is cancer related, but I didn't know where else to post this. I don't believe it is testicular torsion because I don't think it hurts enough for that, but this has gone on for 2 days and I am concerned. I would rather be sure there is a real issue before going to the Dr. as you can imagine it is a bit embarrassing. So does anyone have any ideas?
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Since you came to the TC forum I have to say make sure you check for any lumps connected to the testicles.
I know this question comes up frequently in the urology forum you could look through the posts for symptoms similar to yours or try posting your question there also.
As far as being embarrassed this is what urologists do everyday, they chose their field.
My boyfriend could have died from testicular cancer if he waited much longer.  Please go get checked.  It could be a hernia or something else that needs attention.
I hope everything turns out well.

These are the symptoms of testicular cancer.

    * A lump or mass in either testicle
    * One or both testicles feeling harder or firmer than usual    
    * Swelling or any enlargement of a testicle
    * A collection of fluid in the scrotum
    * A dull ache in the groin, lower abdomen, or back
    * A feeling of heaviness in the scrotum
    * Pain or discomfort in a testicle or in the scrotum
    * Tenderness or enlargement of the breasts
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