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How can I speed up my recovery from Thyroid?
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How can I speed up my recovery from Thyroid?

I am currently taking PTU to help with my Graves' Disease but was wondering if anyone had any suggestions I could do to help? Changes in lifestyle, dietry changes, vitamin supplements etc? My aunt is a GP and a trained herbologist, she recommended chrysanthemum tea as a way of correcting my metabolism. Maybe we could compile some kind of list of things that help either Hyper or Hypothyroidism?

Thanks so much.
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What are your latest lab results, along with reference ranges?  

As far as I know, most forms of thyroid issues require a lot of patience and tweaking of med(s), although there are things that might help ease the symptoms; can't say about "speeding up the recovery".  
There is no recovery from having Graves is there for life.
Management ...yes.

Although Hyperthyroidism can also be managed and controlled most times.
Being your aunt is a GP, she will confirm this.

There is sometimes the misconception that Graves Disease is Hyperthyroidism.
This isnt the case........Graves Disease are Auoimmune Antibodys that attack the thyroid. Treat the issue of the Graves Disease and the antibodies dont attack the thyroid any longer.

Usually 12 months on antithyroid meds are advised and depending on whether the person goes into remission with good controlled levels...the thyroid is know 'eventually' to die off.

BUT I must add that high thyroid hormone levels can cause thyroid storm (atrial fibrillation) and also heart issues over a long period of time.

In most cases ...permanant treatment is done with persons with Graves Disease.
Your Aunt will confirm this.
I might add that I have had Graves since 1985 and was diagnosed in 2007 when it became uncontrollable and dangerous for me to continue on antithryoid meds.
Did my thyroid show any sign of dying off from 1985 - 2007?

It gave me sheer hell.

Has your Graves been diagnosed by a TSI test or a Doctors assumption?
Thanks for your help, this information is really useful.

I was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism in 2008 I did a TSI test and it was 72 (is this my T4 level?) which I was told was very high. I was treated for a year with anti-thyroid medication for a year, stopped the medication for a year and then went into remission where my tests results came back as 86. My pulse was 125 and I went into hospital.

Am feeling much better now but am having trouble coming to terms with the possibility of having to take medication for the rest of my life. I am hesitant of the RAI and surgery as I am relatively young (24) and healthy in all other areas and know that these measures are undoable.

Have you had RAI/surgery? I can see there are benefits but also risky factors and I would have to continue taking thyroxin?
I have had both RAI and Thyroidectomy but had RAI first as had heart issues (thyroid storm 3 times in 2 weeks) and RAI was the safest way to go with me.
I then had TT done 3 months later via keyhole (under the armpit).
I was awake for the TT (epidurals given in the neck) and come through it fine.

I have never regretted any of it.
I just regret it wasnt picked up sooner and done sooner as Hyperthyroidism made my life HE//.

And yes you would continue to take a thyroid medication as the thyroid regulates EVERY organ in your body.
Not many Docs tell you that.

Long term hyperthyroidism left untreated CAN cause heart issues so the usual proceedure is that if you dont go into remission within 12 months with Graves/Hyperthyroidism then permanant treatment is recommended.

I have never looked back xxx
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