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I am wondering if combining Synthroid with a T3 supplement (cytomel???)...
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I am wondering if combining Synthroid with a T3 supplement (cytomel???) would help eliminate some of the hypothyroid symptoms I am having?

Hi.  I had my thyroid removed due to stage 1 thyroid cancer.  Ablation was Sept 2009.  I am currently taking 137mcg of Synthroid, but notice some symptoms of Hypothyrodism.  My blood work, according to my doctor is perfect  T3, Free 381   T4, Free 1.6,  TSH 3rd generation 0.12 (indicates hyper).  He wants me to stay on the same dose.  

I am wondering if combining Synthroid with a T3 supplement (cytomel???)  would help eliminate some of the hypothyroid symptoms I am having?  

I am only 49 and in menopause; hot flashes, sweating and can't lose weight.  Can these too be related to hypothyrodism?  How can I tell?   What can help all around
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What are the lab ranges for the Free T3 and Free T4?  Each lab uses different reference ranges; therefore, without the ranges used by your specific lab, it's hard to tell where you fall within the ranges.  

Hot flashes and sweating can also be symptoms of being hyper, as well as symptoms of menopause, and not everyone is guaranteed to lose weight when hyper.  What other symptoms, if any, do you have?  Don't forget that symptoms of hyper and hypo can mimic each other.  

listed on my lab sheet from Quest Diag.
T4, Free range  0.8 - 1.8 ng/dL     at 1.6  on the high side of the range
T3, Free range   230- 420 pg/dL   at 381  somewhat in the middle
TSH  0.40 - 4.50      at 0.12 L

other symptoms.... umm  depression, hair thinning and dry skin.

I am considered hyper and need to be hyper because of thyroid cancer.
You are in good ranges for your Free T4 and Free T3, and do not have a conversion issue from what I see. If you did have a conversion issue your Free T3 level would be low normal range or worse.
Cytomel is not a is a prescribed T3 medicine. I am on both Synthroid and Cytomel due to conversion problems.
Personally I would look at the menopause situation.....have you had your progesterone and estrogen levels checked? A 1 day blood draw will not show what is going on. I just completed a salive 1 month hormone panel.
I use a natural progesterone cream which helps with my menopause symptoms.
Also make sure you are supporting your adrenals with Vit B complex and Vit C.
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