numbness after neck surgery
by H888, Jun 29, 2008
I have hashimoto's and five days ago had an enlarged lymph node biopsied in my neck (cervical).  Since then, the swelling has gone down, but the lower right side of my face (my chin and lower right of my mouth) feel numb and sort of paralyzed - a bit like it feels when I get novacaine at the dentist and it starts to wear off.   Has anyone experienced this symptom after surgery?  Did it go away?
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by redheadaussie, Jun 29, 2008
I never had any numbness at all with the 3 biopsies I had. After 5 days it would be expected the numbness would have gone. It could be a nerve that was grazed. I think a trip to your local doctor might be the best way to go, see what they think.
by MJ62, Jun 29, 2008
It could be nerve damage from the surgery, did you have a thyroidectomy?  I have some numbness from my surgery on Wednesday too and expect that to be there for awhile. Years back I had jaw surgery and the same thing happened.  They are monkeying around in there and it is possible that some of the nerves got touched.  The nerves most likely will find a new path and that can take some time.  For me it took awhile but the sensation returned and all went well after that.
by Lil_Chick_15, Sep 22, 2008
Hi H888 I recently had my lymph node removed on sept 16th 2008 ... before surgery i had no symptoms. The doctor felt it was best to get it removed anyhow just in case it was cancerous. After surgery i have had nothing but problems, my lower lip is numb and the whole back of my head on the right side is numb and feels like it hurts deep on the inside when i touch it... i am having pain an pressure real bad in my head almost feels like a stroke with dizziness and weakness sleepy all the time... i went to my post op appointment today which has been a week since surgery the surgeon said that it isnt from nerve damage but somehow i find that hard to beleive if i cant feel anything and the pain i have been having deep inside my head is serious pain... i dont know what to do? where my incision site is it looks like a huge ball almost like i would have another swollen lymph node...So i kinda understand what you are going through... i know its been a while since you posted that message let me know if you dont mind what your doctor said... Thanks Alot   Lil_Chick_15***@****
by WilliamCharles, Jan 27, 2009
Had thyroidectomy a week ago and am experiencing numbness on front part of neck to under chin area.  Haven't had a follow-up with surgeon but suspect I'll get the talk on possible nerve damage with the "wait and see" reassurance from the doctor.
  I had damage to my face some years ago as the result of an accident and bone reconstruction surgery.  As it turned out it was permanent nerve damage in the check bone and facial area on half my face.  It always feels as you've described " like novacaine at the dentist and it starts to wear off."  The only way I've been able to deal with it is to block it out of my mind and not try and think about it all the time.

by pinksuit, Feb 04, 2009
Hum,  I just had surgery last week and this seems to be a common issue.  I get my stitches out tomorrow.  Yes, I too am having numbness at the bottom of my jaw and chin.  Some itching as well.  While in the hospital I had terrible hand tingling and cramps, but I was given an infusion of calcium.  I also was sent home with calciium, so when I go to the Dr. I will see what's else is recommended.  

Do take care and be hopeful.  Over time, I'm sure some of our issues will disappear.

by mouse218, Feb 13, 2009
I just had a complete thyroidectomy on Monday and started experiencing numbness just under the chin as well.  I had complete numbness of my left hand just after surgery for the first 24 hours and have continued to have tingling/numbness in the tips of my fingers on the left side.  My doctor checked my calcium levels yesterday and all was well with that.  I too believe it is from nerve damage.  The doctors had to leave a small piece of my thyroid due to it being wrapped around my nerve.
by kishahopkins, Sep 05, 2009
I had my thryoid removed this past Tuesdat.  Under my chin and my right sid eof my neck is numb....just as a lot of you have described.  I hope my feleing comes back.  I hope everyone is doing ok now that some time has passed.  I go back to the doc on Tuesday and will repost and let you know what she says/.
by Peggar, Nov 01, 2009
I am pretty sure I have nerve damage too after half of my thyroid was removed.  Is there anyting you can do to repiar this and how long does it take to heal.  Should we inform the surgeon or our Thyroid Doctor?
by heartinmythroat316, Mar 16, 2012
I had my total thyroid removed a little over a week ago. I just saw my Doc and he said it was really impressive so I asked how big was it? He told me that my left side was the size of a heart and it had been pressing all my insides over to the right. He said he had to go looking for my trachea it was so far over. He also said the other Doc that was in there wanted to run and find a camera to get a picture.
Anyway, as soon as I was out of recovery i noticed how much better I felt. I had no more pains and aches in my right arm and in my right foot/ankle if in one spot too long. I had been living with this pain and had no idea it was being caused by my thyroid.

I also found that I too have a numb bottom lip. My Doc suggested it was because I had a tube taped to it for 3.5 hours long might have been the cause. He really wasn't sure or if numbness would go away. It is a wait and see game. I have my life back though and feel so amazing so far besides dealing with the healing . Good luck to you all. I am from Nanaimo,BC,Canada