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I have been extremly itchy for the past five years
This isn't really a question ----but i think this is perhaps an answer for some---I remembered after someone mentioned

CANDIDA -that was the key for me!!!!---I have that and the answer for immediate relief is to drink NATURAL APPLE

CIDER VINEGAR ----I like Braggs   within 10 -15 minutes the itching will be gone.   The reason is SUGAR causes the

body to become acidic ---which then causes itching----When ever I eat sweets ----even if it was yesterday and I think I

won't itch it always comes back. Once you develop candida it is very difficult to get rid of.

  You have to be on this strict diet  (no sugar) sometimes fruit also, has to be avoided for over a year. Whenever I have

an "episode" I promise myself that ANY sugar is just NOT worth the suffering.  I have to remember this!!!!

2 tablespoons apple cider vinager with water and within a 1/2 an hour the ithing IS   GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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