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Does anyone know how to interpret these results? My iron is normal (so surely this can't be anaemia?), yet Iron Binding Capacity is higher and Transferrin Saturation is lower than it should be.

I read that the contraceptive pill can do this, but I do not take it. I am not seeing my doctor for several weeks, so I'm wondering what the cause might be? I am 25.

Iron: 12 (Range: 10.0-30.0 umol/L)
Iron Binding Capacity : *81 (Range: 45-72 umol/L)
Transferrin Saturation : *15 (Range: 20-50%)
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Hi there, and welcome if just new...I am too. But under different circumstances. My husband and I have high in these numbers, my husband finding out about a month ago he is genetically storing iron since birth. It has done some liver and pancreatic damage as well as joints and pituitary gland. I have also just found out and have yet to get anything definitive regarding my iron levels, but three of four numbers for iron are high, and one low, and it just happens to fall within the normal range at this point so they will look no further. I have an appt with new dr. We messed around with too many dr.s over 10 years trying to get answers for my husband who is 57, I'll be damned if I waste the next 10 years of my life knowing what I know now about iron overload.

However, in your case, with your numbers like that there are a few things at your age that can be the culprits...

Low TSAT and high TIBC indicate iron deficiency together. So 20 and under for TSAT, I've read it should never be less than 17 and TIBC too high, is not healthy or optimal. Some symptoms of iron deficiency are chronic fatigue, dizziness, weakness, headaches. Not enough iron can have the same symptoms as too much iron, but with too much iron you encounter organ damage and other disease complications. Since we aren't talking about iron overload, I won't get into that too much, but some cause of anemia can be poor eating habits, not getting enough foods with iron, and at your age I assume you are still menstruating normally, so every month you get rid of iron by bleeding, so if you are not putting enough iron back in through healthy lifestyle then you can become deficient. Pregnancy can also have the effect you describe with your levels. Also intestinal disorders such as Crohn's, Celiac disease.

Hope some of that helps. Keep communicating with your dr but if not getting the answers don't give up and find someone who will. I am in that predicament right now and it's maddening, but I have my family to think of, to, not just myself. Two little boys and a sick husband need me. I don't have time to be sick!

Take care...and let us know if anything resolves or answers, etc.
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