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Broken ribs causing fainting?
Hi. Recently I broke 5 of my ribs, and my collarbone. After a trip to A&E I was assured that there was no lasting damage, however over the course of the week following the incident, I have been fainting for what appears to be no reason. I cannot take deep breaths, laugh, or cough due to the pain of broken ribs. I was wondering if the fainting could be due to a lack of oxygen, or some such thing? This is getting to be quite an inconvenience, as I have fallen down two flights of stairs so far, and into a busy road.
I am 16 years old, female and in good physical condition, currently on no medication, with severe allergies to pain killers such as aspirin. Not sure if any of that makes a difference to anything, but just in case :)
I'd appreciate any help,
Thanks; Yan.
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