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Burning Feet with all shoes
Hoping to get some advice on a problem that has been affecting the quality of my life for around 20 years now. I am a 38 yr old mail who

suffers from burning feet. When the symptoms first started getting severe at the age of around 18 I consulted several doctors but never got

anywhere close to an explanation or a solution. Since then I have just learned to live with it. I'm now trying again to see if there might be a

way to avoid having to deal with a lifetime of a condition that is seriously impacting day to day life. The symptoms can best be described as

an instant reaction to wearing any kind of socks and shoes. I live in a warm climate so this can include open toed sandals. I've tried every

possible type of sock and shoe but nothing gives any relief. Usually within minutes of putting on shoes the soles of my feet start to burn and

become uncomfortable. The burning is accompanied by a very fine sweat that quickly soaks socks and the inside of shoes. There is no

relief unless I take my shoes off. The soles of my feet are very hot to touch from toes back to heel. They are also visibly "angry" and red. It's

almost like my feet suffocate and react to being enclosed in shoes.

I've done as much research as I can and the closest thing I can find to my symptoms is something called Erythromelalgia. This is described

as a rare syndrome characterized by the dilation (opening up) of blood vessels, accompanied by burning pain, increased skin temperature

and redness of the feet.

Is this the likely explanation of my condition or is there anything else that could cause my symptoms? What type of doctor should I see in

order to get a correct diagnosis.

Many thanks
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Well, the symptoms can be due to this rare disorder Erythromelalgia as it is triggered by applying some pressure on the feet. This is often also seen due to pinched sciatic nerve (sciatica), autoimmune diseases, myeloproliferative disorders, high cholesterol level etc. Hence all these too should be looked into. You need to consult an internal medicine specialist and a neurovascular specialist. Take care!
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