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General muscular soreness and some weakness in right arm and hand
I'm just wondering if anyone has thoughts on this.  My doctor says my blood tests are fine and I'm getting an MRI tomorrow - she wants to see if there might be a pinched nerve, but I doubt that's the case as I've had symptoms on both sides of my body.

Two weeks ago I went to a morning class and came home feeling very weak and went to bed, then stayed there the next 24 hours.  There was lots of digestive tract activity, but no nausea or vomiting.  I got up and felt a bit better the next day and went to a concert.  However, that afternoon (roughly 24 hours after gettting up) my thighs felt very sore with a low-level pain.  I also felt uncomfortable with my legs in any position and kept moving them.  I finally tried to sleep at midnight and think I dropped off around 1 AM, however woke at 3 AM with intense - but not screaming - pain in my biceps; the thighs were now OK.  I called my HMO and made a morning appointment.  They did some blood work, but generally thought it was related to a likely viral/gastro infection and fluid deprevation.

Two weeks later I don't have any intense pain, but variable soreness in my shoulders, elbows, knees, biceps, lower arms, thighs and some weakness in my right arm/hand.  The fingers in particular are weaker, such as pressing a button on a phone or remote.  No other symptoms that I'm aware of.  Just looked at a list of the muscular diseases and none of them seem a match.  Part of the strangeness is that the muscles/joints sore seem to vary daily.  Any pain in the joints does not feel arthritic - not that I would necessarily know.
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