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Grainy Stool
My daughter has grainy stools sometimes and sometimes they are normal consistancey?. She also will wake up out of a dead sleep and pull at her diaper and scream and cry and say her bottom hurts? She does this occasionally i have found it does not seem to be related to anything she ate that day These two things do not happen together also when she wakes up at night i have ruled out constipation. I am not sure what to do the doctor just kind of blows it off like it is nothing. I could use any ideas. Thank You in advance.

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Hello Donica,

Grainy stools of a baby is completely normal. Your baby's stools may regularly change in consistency and colour, too, going from soft and mustard-yellow in colour to yellow with green specks, and then back again the next day. This is completely normal.

Bottlefed babies have a bulky stool while breast fed babies have yellow to mustard yellow,loose and grainy stools.Are you breast feeding your daughter?

As long as stools are soft and easy to pass or there is any loose watery stool,there is no reason to worry.

Your baby screaming and waking up at night may be due to diaper rashes.When a baby passes stools,the enzymes present in stools come in contact with the soft skin of buttocks of the baby and when it is wiped off ,they tend to irritate the skin further.Clean with luke warm water after each stools and Let the bottom dry for some time before putting on the diaper.You can also use some dusting powder on the bottom of the baby.

You can log on to the following website for more information:

Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted on how your daughter is doing.

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