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High Hemoglobin Levels
I am 37 yrs & was under severe stress for about last 6 months (which is now over) of late during my medical examination in Feb'12 my hemoglobin was around 12,  In month of May'12 it was recorded 16 & now 16.4. During all these months I had developed high uric acid which read as 8.9 for which I have been recommended Furic 40, 1 tab daily (which has reduced pain in my finger joints). Also since March'12  , I have BP reading 150/90 apart from this I feel warmth in different parts of body & uneasiness in  the limbs.

I request your expert advice on the following: -
1. What is the normal level of haemoglobin one should have and what is the maximum level? - If my haemoglobin level is more than the normal level, how can I control it?
2. What is the implication of high level of haemoglobin? What is the reason for higher level of haemoglobin ?
3. Is there any risk if the haemoglobin level is more than the normal level?
4. How can I reduce my hemoglobin levels.

Kindly advise on the treatment.
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