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Lower right abdominal pain for 6 days, second time in two months?
I am experiencing pain in my lower right side, the pain in non-progressive. There is a constant feeling of discomfort and unexpected sharp pains that last only a couple of seconds each. This has been going on for 6 days. No pain when pressure is applied, no fever, no vomiting, little nausea occasionally, pain not worsened by movement unless sitting for long periods of time or pushing during bowel movements.
Blood test showed white blood cell count of 13.8 with high MO# and LY#. Ultrasound clear. No CT scan because dr. wanted to avoid unnecessary radiation after having received a scan only two months ago. Kept in ER for 14 hours with IV fluids, repeat blood test showed WBC of 11.7 and decreased levels of MO# and LY# (although still noted as high). Food kept down, discharged with prescription for Neproxen and appointment with surgeon for second opinion on appendix (and peace of mind) in two days.

Two months ago, I started experiencing a dull ache in my lower right abdomen. The next day I started getting random shots of pain that lasted only a few seconds. The pain was always unexpected and nothing in particular would trigger the shots. No other symptoms. Went to ER, ultrasound clear and CT scan results state normal appendix, suspected ruptured cyst in right ovary and suspected mesenteric adenitis. Pain relieved on its own in approx 2 weeks.

I suspected ovulation pain seeing as both instances are identical and both occurred exactly two weeks after menstruation. A ruptured cyst clearly isn't the case now that the second occurrence showed a clear ultrasound. The worry of it being my appendix is always in the back of my mind, for all I know both occurrences could be unrelated. It's very frustrating. I'm an 18 year-old female with no other health issues (other than asthma and being overweight). Booking an appointment with a gynecologist for tests to rule out a problem with ovaries or that area.

Any idea as to what this could be? Doctors seem baffled..
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