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Pain, coughing, swelling, pressure
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Pain, coughing, swelling, pressure

So I'm at a loss.  I am a 20 year old male, 6'0" and about 175 pounds, no history of unusual health problems other than a cyst in my sinus cavity, and I don't smoke or do drugs, and drink alcohol rarely; last time was about four months ago.  Recently I've been trying to eat healthier - mostly fish, chicken, nuts, vegetables, fruit and a little grain here and there, though on occasion I cheat and drink some hot chocolate, or buy a chocolate croissant (pastry), but that's once or twice a week, tops.  I'm not very active, unfortunately; I try, sometimes, but it's hard to keep going when my schedule keeps changing and the only sport I enjoy, swimming, means paying money to get into the pool.  The only serious medical issues in my family were throat cancer (doctors put it down to smoking), anemia, "heart disease" (no specific knowledge), and an aneurysm, all in the grandparent's generation except anemia.

That all said, my symptoms have been getting steadily worse over the past 3 or 4 months, and include all the following at least once every 2-3 days:

- Constant coughing (most when I am sitting, when it's hot outside, or when the air is wet, but other times as well; no link to excercise), every day
- Short, stabbing pains in my upper chest, an inch or two below the clavicule (both sides), my left armpit my left shin bone (when running), my shoulders (especially when leaning on them), and occasionally my upper or lower back; something, usually more than one something, hurts every day
- Drawn-out, aching pains in my left calf muscle (when sitting or lying) and my groin, either of which can hurt for an hour or two at a time
- Mild stabbing pains in my gut of increasing frequency, seemingly not connected withfood, about halfway between the lowest ribs and the belly buttom, now about 3 or 4 times a week
- Excess gas and painful bloating after eating certain foods which didn't provoked this reaction in me 6 months ago
- A sensation of pressure in both sides of my neck, along the part between the clavicule and the ear, as though the arteries were thin and blood was being forced through at high pressure, every day for hours at a time
- A burning sensation on the surface of my skin in small patches at seemingly random locations, including locations that have not been directly exposed to sunlight, once every two or three days
- Small, pinprickpoints of pain that can last up to five minutes, seemingly anywhere in the body, several times a week

I have done a lot of tests at my doctor's suggestion - electrocardiograms, allergy tests, a testicle ultrasound (I had found a lump; it was nothing), blood tests for all sorts of things including three tumor markers associated with testicular cancer, and a torso X-ray, none of which revealed anything.  My blood sugar was tested six months ago; normal.  My blood pressure is, apparently, normal.  I got tested for anemia, which my mother and sister both have; nothing.  My heartrate is at 78 BMP at the moment; that's normal, right?  If it's important, I have been waking up rather early recently, despite going to bed later, and am only getting about 6 or 7 hours of sleep on weeknights.  I am going to go to a gastroenterologist to get checked for anything unusual in the digestive tract and the like, and I'm going to go back and complain specifically about my calf muscle; but so far, nothing has shown up.

What might this be?  Is it all related, or a pileup of lots of tiny things?  I've never experience *any* of these symptoms before until a little after the new year, and all the symptoms started appearing at about the same time, gradually growing in severity.  I'm terrified it could be something serious that we haven't thought of yet; and I'm convinced it can't just be fear or stress, because until this all started happening, I had no reason to be stressed to begin with.  If anyone can offer some insight, some possible things to consider or concerns to raise with my doctor, I'd be very grateful.
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I'd like to add that now, since two weeks, I've been having a feeling of throat construction when tilting my head upwards or downwards, as well as throat and neck pains.  

I've also been having pains in both calf muscles, aching pains that last for hours, for the last month or so.

If anyone has any kind of insight, I'd love to know.  Doctors have not been able to find anything wrong with me so far, and now my GP wants to send me to a pulmonologist.
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