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Popping/clicking in head
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Popping/clicking in head

I wasn't able to post all of what I have to say. (2000 limit). So if you could, please read it here:

I'm 19, I am reasonably healthy, I run on and off(nonstop 2-3 miles usually).
I have scoliosis.
Also, I have had "burning nerve endings" throughout my body, at random points throughout pretty much every day. Like a tiny ice-cold pin-point being pressed against my skin. Also this occurs in my vision; tiny white dots flaring up then disappearing after about 3 seconds..
Just a couple nights ago I was eating dinner - completely calm - when suddenly I heard and felt something popping on/in the left side of my head above my ear, repeatedly. Ever since, that area of my head has felt oddly "pressurized" along with a sort of "warm" feeling. No numbness anywhere, no muscle weekness that I have noticed. And no dizzyness or nausea..
Okay, so. I woke up this morning, and noticed in the mirror that my left temple is a little swollen. Still no actual pain, just a very subtle ache mostly throughout the shallow-leftside of my head, in that same area above my ear.
I am extremely worried. Even shaking eheheh..
So I look through some things on google and realize that it Could be a sinus infection.
For the past year I've had a drippy nose - very clear and thin fluid - and just within the past month I have become sick; continual mild fever, slight fatique, extensive sinus conjestion/pressure, and some increasingly scratchy/hot throat.  But it has lasted a fairly long time by now, and does not seem to be improving, or worsening.
I plan on going to the hospital soon to get things checked, but am reluctant to do so because I have no health insurance and just moved here, so no doctor, and alot of paperwork to deal with upon scheduling an appointment.

Could this really just be a sinus infection? Could anything be wrong with my brain..?
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A sinus infection can lead to some of the symptoms you describe.  However, they should resolve, and if they persist for more than a few weeks, I would consider imaging to exclude a more serious cause.

Head imaging can be done with a CT scan, and if negative, an MRI scan.  This may be especially prudent in the setting of visual changes.

The sinusitis can be treated with the appropriate antibiotics, and the post-nasal drip should be evaluated for an allergic cause.  Allergy testing can also be considered as well.

If the symptoms continue, I would consider a referral to a neurologist or ENT physician.  This can be done at an academic medical center, where they may be more familiar with uncommon causes.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin Pho, M.D.
I think you should ask your doctor about the possibility of hydrocephalus. It may be triggered by getting inflammed sinuses, but I don't think a sinus infection can be causing all of that. Increased fluid in your brain could be causing the noise and the warm sensation. I think there are medications that can help reduce it, including Acetazolamide (Diamox). In your case it could be a symptom of a mild case of spina bifida, which also causes scoliosis. Not to scare you, because I don't think it's severe, but maybe you should check with your doctor. See this site for info http***www.spineuniverse.com/displayarticle.php/article3089.html
The popping seems to have gone away now for the most part.
Now I just constantly have a very mild/WEIRD headache(s), morphing through various types of pain and areas in my head. My left temple is still slightly "bigger" than the other, and not noticeable, but it does hurt sometimes. Been having some mild migraines as well, noise hurts, especialy talking.
Also been feeling ALOT more twitchy and hyper than usual, and been having alot of freaky thought spasms. I have never had a seizure before, but these electrical things are not helping my anxiety.

I've got a dr appointment on the 7th, with just some basic MD guy.

As scary as Spina Bifida sounds and probably is, I am somewhat comforted by your post. There is something called temporal arteritis I found on the net that is related with alot of my symptoms.. and I will be almost extatic just to hear that I don't have anything like that.

Appreciate your reply jbm.
Hi when you said that you heard a pop sound below the ear it maybe your jaw . It may be a dislocated jaw symptoms it cause you jaw to tightness with a lot a muscle spasm you may have pain in your head not the regular is like a pressure in the sideways. also pain in the jaw and cheek i would recommend seeing a TMJ specialist and oral surgeon hope this help
Popping is top/inside head and at sides of head above ears.
Though I do appreciate your reply^

To those who may have similar symptoms; this page comforted me greatly: http://www.*************.com/chronic-pain/tmj-38544-5.html

With an MD and then a Neuro appointment, nothing informative came out of it accept for the suggestion of TMJ. Which could very well be the cause, hopefully.

TMJ on webMD: http://www.webmd.com/a-to-z-guides/temporomandibular-disorders

I've accepted(at least for now) that the best I can do about this is ignore it, until I demonstrate symptoms that are actually alarming to these professionals..
I'm taking anti-inflamitories, and just saying TMJ to every weird click/pop/burn/needle/ache/etc so I can move on.
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