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Sinus problems and MASTOIDITIS
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Sinus problems and MASTOIDITIS

I posted in the Allergies forum.  Posting here also because I noticed several postings with sinus related problems were responded to.

My husband's recent test noted he has chronic mastoiditis in his mastoid sinus AND temporal bone.  From what I have seen on the internet this is serious.  There are other issues going on also.  Not sure if I should be worried that they have yet to treat this and just keep doing more test.

Anyone else have mastoiditis that could give me a idea on treatment or what to expect?
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Get copies of scan & labs. He should have had a Coronal CT &
yes, chronic mastoiditis can be very serious. Has he been on
any antibiotics/anti-inflamm? Report may tell to what extent
& what other areas may be effected. He should have a specialist
treating him. An Otolaryngologist-Surgeon to evaluate. This
could have some bad effect on the temporal bone nerves & my
guess is that he's in some real pain. Are you in US? Sometimes
pathology is necessary to determine if antibiotics are helping.
Infection in this are can block cell-space & dissolve bone.
Sounds like a horrible movie but he will have to have this a
long time to get there. Get copy & ck. type of scan that was
done. Be aggressive & find new Dr's or a Medical University
w/ a Otolaryngology Dept. Many times longer/stronger med course
must be used. Depends on extent or if minor mastoiditis from
something else going on. Gd-luck.
Hi I had mastoid in my 20s . I didnt have any sinus problems though.  I had antibiotic treatment but unfortunaetly it was a very bad case I was told and I ended up having a mastoidectomy. Not entirely sure what this involves but I was quite ill before I had it done. I,m sure Demi or someone else can elaborate on what it involves. Hope this helps a little. Chris
Thank you for your responses.  He has had ct and mri's with and without contrast.  We did call the best hospital in the area and he had a appt with one Otolaryngologist-Surgeon there.  They called the night before and canceled because they wanted to see the Otolaryngologist-Surgeon that specializes in sinuses.  I looked up his profile on the hospital's site and it says... "provides management of acute and chronic sinus disease utilizing the latest endoscopic and image-guided technologies available.  He is recognized nationally for his expertise in this field as well as the endoscopic management of tumors and cancers of the nasal cavities and skull-base."  He has yet to see this dr but he did order a more detailed MRI with contrast of my husband's sinus area which he had done Friday.  We had dropped his previous mri's and ct scan films off already.  They said this one had smaller "slices".  There is also a "mass" in my husband's nasal turbinate.  It looks to be huge on the mri films and distorting his nose.  Too look at my husband you cant tell.  Everything I read on mastoiditis says once discovered they need to be on IV antibiotics for 48hrs and then continue to take them for months.  Its been a week since the first test reported finding it, not just in his maxillary sinus but TEMPORAL BONE also and he has not had any.  I guess I'm just concerned that maybe they think it sinus cancer.  He doesn't have really alot of pain.  Headaches and upper teeth on that side.  He's been taking tylenol for it.  We are in the US and his dr is at a Medical University. Wasn't sure if it was ok to mention the hospital and dr by name. I had emailed copies of all these reports directly to them and his first appt was to be 2 days later.  Thats the one that was canceled the night before and changed his dr's.  It was 2 days later he had the MRI his "new" dr ordered.
So glad to see that you have posted again.  You and your hubby ahve been in my thoughts and prayers.  I am sorry that things are looking so serious - I will continue to keep you in my prayers.  Don't know anything about this stuff but I am going to check it out.  I hope that you are holding up well.  I know that this has been quite a discovery - so now atleast we know what SPECIFICALLY to pray for.  Keep posting and letting us know how things are going.
Take care,
Thanks for the info.  Thats exactly what everything I've read says to do. Thats what has me worried that they believe this to be sinus cancer.  He has it so bad that its even in his temporal bone and has yet to be treated for it or given a antibiotic.  Just more test.  He had this last test Friday so hoping the dr will be calling Monday with a appt ASAP.  He's had mri and ct scans previous that both confirmed the mastoiditis in maxillary and temporal bone.  I have to assume that now they are investigating the "mass" in his turbinate.
I hope that you get a positive result rather than a negative one . It is possible that the mass is bengn. Keep in touch nd let us know how you go on. I know this is a worrying time for you believe me. If you have ever read any of my posts my husband has cx and I know once the word mass is mentioned you inevitably assume the worst. I hope the results turn out to be positive for you and your family. Best Wishes Chris
I'm quite familiar w/ this picture. Has he had symptoms for yrs
or quick onset? Has face/eye swelled? Any severe earpain? You
are doing great w/ researching hospital/Dr. The Mastoid isn't a
sinus cavity, it is the rounded bone behind the ear. Inlamm.
can happen & is called mastoiditis. This is rare to go so far w/ extension, since antibiotics are aggressively used. What you
have described (hope I'm wrong), is a very rare condition that
only 2% is found & treated before it has done some really bad things. It's a condition that actually starts in the maxillary
sinus & most bozo's don't take you serious for yrs. It then can
extend to temporal bone/ear/mastoid. The turbinate problem may
be the least to deal w/. The new CT26 may be what they're look-
ing at for comparisons for erosion of bone. Ea. case needs to
be looked at as far as approach. They'll try to dx w/ scans but
will most likely have to do an out-pt. endoscopic thru the nose
pathology into maxillary. They need to ck. for type bacteria/
neoplasms/bone fragments in tissue. The fact that you have been
transferred to a new Surgeon sounds like your husband is one of
handful of lucky folks. Yes, you can say the name of the state
& Hospital-University but don't mention MD. I'd be curious to
place. Don't want to say what I think it is since net-read
would drive you crazy & I may be wrong. It's manageable in the
right hands. Keep getting notes/copies. The meds are being held
off till confirmation of an approach/dx's. The Maxilla is the
major bone above his upper teeth. The nerves there, will spasm
from infiltration/swelling. What is his age & did he smoke?
Ask to see a few films & have them point out the Maxillary.
If it is entirely opacification & unilateral keep asking ?'s.
What is dx's/treatment/approach to cure? The head/sinuses/nerves
are of great interest to me. I hope you will get back w/ dx's.
I think he should be on possibly Lortab (narcotic) for now to
get some relief. Maybe ask MD for script. Please get back w/ an
update. I wish you both 'skill' & better health.
Hi All I can tell you really is that I started off with a painful left ear and my gp gave me antibiotics for a week. The pain didnt subside and just got worse , the left side of my face started to swell. I couldnt lift my head up straight and I was in that much pain I didnt know what to do. I went to Accident and emergency and was admitted immediately ,had ct scan and went stright to surgery after. My mastoid had apparently burst and was seeping into areas of my brain. They did remove part of the bone behind my ear not sure what its called and I was on antibiotics for quite a long time afterwards. The only after effect was a partial hearing loss which Ive had ever since. I think a mastoid is like an abcess (abscess) but inside the inner ear . Chris
One month ago I started having a right ear clogging. I went to my primary and he perscribed over the counter sinus meds. did't help. I then went to an ent and she gave me antibiotic drops.
still nothing.. I want back a week later explaining I was losing hearing in my right ear. she gave me a hearing test and said I had severe hearing loss... no kidding. she perscribed a mri to rule out acoustic neroma. I don't have it! however the mri came back showing a left mastoiditis . now since I have had this problem for over two months I am asuming this to be a cronic (chronic) mastiditis.(i.e. internet) I am seeing my doctor for a consult tomorrow and I would love to ask the right questions. Also if my hearing problems are on the right and the mastoiditis in on the left can we be talking about two different things? my symptoms are simple, loss of hearing in right ear, except for the ringing. fullness and/or clogging . no pain and no redness.I have been snoring loud lately and my sinus's seem to be clogged. I have no history of allergies. I am only 38 year old and I have no family history of hearing loss. I was hoping someone my have some information to share.
I am going in tomorrow for a MRI and a CT scan in order to see if there is something going on.  My symptoms started last year and reoccurred this year around the same time.  Both sets of symptoms followed a bad upper respiratory infection of somesort.  My symptoms now are dizziness, pressure in my ears (middle and external), pain on the bones around my ear.  The pain on the bones (mastoids?) makes me unable to wear my glasses or put my hair behind my ears.

Last year, I had extreme dizziness and absesses on my external ear.  The MRI and CT scans didn't show much...cysts in nose, chronic sinusitis.  The dizziness and abcesses stayed from August to January 2006 when I was prescribed an antibiotic for something else.  Haven't had any abcesses since then.

I have a relative who had mastoiditis and it didn't even show on the MRIs or CT scans.  The doctors said that the antiobiotic she was taking must have masked the mastoiditis on the tests.

The pressure and pain I am now experiencing seems to move around in my sinuses, ears and throat.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  I am going crazy with this!

I just found this website and I thought that I would post a recommendation for great doctors. I had/have mastoiditis and had a mastoidectomy in 2003. I wanted to say that one poster said that their Dr. said that the mastoiditis didn't show up on an X ray/CT because it was masked by antibiotics. That just doesn't seem right...either there is opacification in the air cells  (plus other inflammatory changes ) or not. Just my opinion. Anyway, I can tell you that if you are anywhere near Los Angeles,CA..The House Ear Clinic /Institute is one of the best places you can go in the country.

When I started out with an ear infection gone bad, I went to a local ENT. He referred me to the House Ear Clinic, which is where he did his residency. He said, "Why not go to the best?"

I was just diagnosed with mastoiditis. I had a pain on the left side behind my head and you can not even touch it it hurts so badly. I have headcaches and dizziness too which I just thought was from my hypoglycemia. The funny thing is, mine was not cause by an ear infection. In fact she looked in my ear and did a white blood cell count test and everything came back normal. She gave me steriods to take down the swelling and an antibiotic just in case there is an infection not showing up. Is it really possible to have mastoiditis without any ear infnection? Everything I read said that it is cause by an ear infection and in little kids. She said it was just too much air. I wonder if it is an allergic reaction to getting stung by a wasp since i am allergic? I had a friend who got diagnosed with it after getting bit.
I am 40 years old with a moderate to severe hearing loss in the left ear and deaf in the right ear.  I have severe headaches, dizziness as well as nausea. I was recently diagnosed with Mastoiditis due to an severe infection in my right ear.  First I was given antibiotics by my PCP and then referred to an ENT Specialist and then he gave me antibiotics.  I've had the ct scan done and a week later facial paralysis, went to the ER and the doc said it was Bells Palsy. I told my ENT Specialist and still no quick action.  I'm having a hard time as it is in a world I can hardly hear and the constant dizziness, nausea and headaches are getting me depressed.  I'm scared because I have a child and no other support.  Crying out for help.
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