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What could be causing these blood test results?
When I was 14, I had some blood tests done (can't remember why) and they found out that I had low levels of the immunoglobulins IgG and IgA. The pediatrician referred my parents to a specialist but for some reason we never followed up with them. I guess I understand why we didn't. I mean, I've never had any symptoms of immunodeficiency, and I don't get sick more often than most people... I have slight allergy symptoms like a bit of coughing and needing to clear my throat often, but no one has ever figured out what I'm allergic to. Other than that, I feel pretty normal.

Now, at age 18, my doctor recommended I get more tests done to make sure I have immune responses to vaccines before I go to college, so I don't randomly get meningitis or something. The tests came back, and apparently my levels of the immunoglobulins are even lower than before. My IgA is 12 (normal is over 85) and my IgG is 277 (normal is over 500-something). Also, I have no immune response to vaccines for tetanus and diphtheria even though I got shots for those just a few years ago.  And those are the only vaccines they actually checked, so it's possible that all the vaccines I've ever had are totally useless.

Recently I went to a guy who is an allergist/immunologist, and he told my parents and I that I might have one of two things, but my symptoms/test results don't really fit with either one. If I had Selective IgA Deficiency, I would have a normal level of IgG. If I had Common Variable Immunodeficiency, then I would be having more actual symptoms of a low immune system. So for now the doctor told me to get re-vaccinated for a few things, and get my blood drawn again in a month to check for a response. But basically I don't know if I have something seriously wrong with my immune system or not.

I feel like I'm on an episode of the show "Mystery Diagnosis"... Does anyone have an idea what could be causing these weird test results?

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