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sleepwalking and eating
Ok within the past week I have been sleepwalking alot.  Normally I just end up going to the bathroom, sometimes waking on my way back to bed.  This past week I have been sleep eating.  I wake up and I am sitting at the table eating STRANGE concoctions.  Last night I was eating wheat bread with butterscotch topping (the kind for icecream) and maple syrup.  Earlier in the week I woke up in bed with a terrible taste in my mouth.  I went to go gargle or brush my teeth to get rid of the taste.  On the kitchen table was an empty jar of pickles, part of a red bell pepper and half the condiments from the fridge.  The ketchup, mustard, horseradish, and steak sauce.  I practically gagged, thinking I could eat that, well at least all of it together.  In the morning I also noticed that all my hubby's tastycake cupcakes were gone and it was a full box.  Then I found all the wrappers under the table.  If I had not woken up in the midst of eating these weird things, I would have blamed the kids.  I have type 1 dibetes, so I work hard maintaining a good blood sugar during the day, so my morning lood sugars ar in the 300's.  I am going to mess up my blood sugars bad if this keeps happening, but I dont know how to stop it.  Also sometimes while I am getting things out of the fridge in my sleep, I am kinda aware of it.  I just cant wake up or stop...its like I am a zombie.  Hubby has seen me and says my eyes are open, and I even yelled at him to go away and leave me alone.  This has me freaked out, and I dont know if it can be related to some other illness I might have or if it is an independent disorder.  At the very least, let me know I am not alone.
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