Adult Urinating on Bed at Night
by haddy, May 03, 2009
Hi I am a 36 year old male seeking help to understand why I recently started urinating on bed at night. In the last 2 months this has occurred twice. Please, let me know as well if there are any remedies to this abnormal situation. Thanks Umms
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by Dr_Veena, May 04, 2009
      How are you? The common causes for developing bedwetting in adulthood could be diabetes type-2, ADH deficiency, Overactive detrusor muscle contractions of the bladder etc.
Detrusor muscle instability can be due to irritants like alcohol or caffeine. Certain medications like resperidone, clozapine etc can also cause these symptoms.
I would suggest that you visit a physician for further work up and assistance on treatment.