UTI ? can it go away on its own
by iraide8u, Aug 20, 2007
A couple of weeks ago I had all the classic symtoms of a UTI a low grade fever, flank pain, blood and pain while urinating. I went to see my doctor and she had me have a urine culture. Two days later she called me with the results she told me I had a UTI and called in a script to my pharmarcy for me. But since then my symptoms have cleared and I have been so busy that I actually forgot to pick up my script and my pharmarcy called to remind me about it. Its been over two weeks now should I still take my antibiotics? I still no longer have any symptoms at all. Could it have acutally cleared on its own like that without taking my antibiotics? I hate to have to take antibiotics if I really don't need to. What would you do?


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