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Urine burning sensation from 8 months
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Urine burning sensation from 8 months

I hope you all can help me here...

I am 24 years old male. I am having this burning sensation after urination from July-2014. It been 8 months. I am all frustrated and depressed. I almost forgot how my feeling was before July-2014.

---Please read this-------
I first felt burning sensation on 20th July-2015, I thought it would go away automatically. I waited 2 days, nothing happened, then I went to a pharmacy and took potassium citrate syrup, I thought my urine was getting concentrated due to hot weather, I continued that not happened, then I went to a doctor (GP), did urine analysis & Ultrasound, nothing they found in urine analysis, but in ultrasound they found that I have bladder infection. Then my GP gave me medicines, I was unrecovered, then after 7 days my GP told me to meet an urologist, Then I showed him my previous report. The urologist told me to repeat urine analysis and uric acid test. But in these two test he found nothing. after seeing my previous ultrasound report he gave me medication for 10 days.
after 10 days I felt the same uncomfortableness but intensity was low. I went to my urologist again then he told me to repeat ultrasound (KUB). But this time he found that I have no infection in my bladder. My previous bladder line (infection) was gone.
So, this time my urologist gave me K-2 syrup. (told me to take 3 times per day-2 spoon everytime)
After 15 days,  No improvement.
This time he told me that I got prostate infection and gave me antibiotics for 45 days.
(Bactrim and Alfusin for 45 days.)
(bactrim: 2 times per day
Alfusin: 1 time per day)

I felt that my symptoms improved, the intensity of burning got decreased but still sensation was there.

So, I changed my urologist, went to the best and famous urologist of my country on 30th december-2014.
I told him what happened with me, everything. Then I asked him that do I have prostate infection?? He told I dont think so.
He asked me at the staring of this infection did I have any fever ???
Did I have any blood in my urine???
I replied I did not have those.
He then told me to perform Uroflow study test. And I did it and from the result he told me that my Urine flow was not good. Then he told me to do ascending Urethrogram test. As he thought I might have some blockage in my urine pipe. also he did urine culture and urine analysis + Ultrasound+ blood test Uric acid. But he found nothing. Even from the Urethro Gram test too.

---------  Then after these all test he told me finally that I have this problem due to my mind. He told me to keep my mind off from it. You will feel better. He also told me I would not give you any tablets or syrup for this.
I was very confident on what he told......
But still the problem is same...It is still happening. Burning sensation is still there somewhere.

Burning sensation: When my bladder is empty I feel nothing, When my bladder is full I feel no burning sensation,,,
but lets say 10 mins after urination, I start to feel this burning sensation and it stays for like 40 mins intensity becomes zero almost. And again after urination it starts to happen. and it has been happening from 8 months. But now I must say, its intensity is very low (Slight) as compare to what it was before at starting.
I feel almost normal....no fever, nothing from this.
But still you know hopeless and totally depressed. I want to be free from this sensation. Its very uncomfortable. Very very much.

I just want to know what it is.....
Bladder infection ???  Cystitis ???  UTI ???
Prostatitis ????
Acute Prostatitis ???
Bacterial Prostatitis ?? Non bacterial Prostatitis ??
Urethra problem?? Kidney problem?? Stone ???? Bladder stone ???  STD ???
or finally what the last urologist told me...Urine burning sensation due to mind ???????

Please help me......................
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