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Young, prostate inflammation
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Young, prostate inflammation


After riding a bicycle for a year, my prostate seems to have been so bothered that it is difficult to sit down. It was in fact difficult to sit on the saddle (I tried over 20 saddles) but I rode through for the year hoping it would go away. At this point I can't sit on normal chairs or even ride a recumbent bicycle. I suffer from ED if I sit too long or pedal on any bicycle.

It feels like my prostate is enlarged and is pushing out my sensitive reproduction/erection tissues and putting them in harm's way (the place where I sit).

I am in my 20s. I have a strong urine stream, no erection or urine pain, but I do have post urination dribble.

Please let me know if anyone has any information to help.
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Avatar dr f tn
Compression or pressure over the perineal region has been known to impair nerve supply to the prostate and has also been known to cause prostatitis.

Dribbling at the end of urination and after urination is also a sign of prostate enlargement secondary to inflammation.

You will need to consult a urologist for further management of the problem and guidance on medical intervention.

Meanwhile, you can:

Ensure you only sit on surfaces that have adequate padding.
Avoid caffeine and alcohol.
Sit in a hot bath for 10-15 min twice daily to reduce pain and to increase circulation.
Avoid cycling and any such activity that can cause irritation to the prostate gland.
Other irritants to the prostate include citrus fruits and spicy foods.

Do keep us posted on your doubts and progress.
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