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retractile testes
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retractile testes

my son is 11  yrs old,noticed retractle testes,seen by surgeon, said it is undesendent testes,even so I have  a photo age 4 months with testes clearly in testicle.
R testes goes up times to times,easily can bring back,
my question is how can I diagnose it correctly,
surgeon wants to do surgery in few wks,I am not satisfied with diagnosis.
am I wrong?
as management of retractile testes is wait & see to age of 14 based on European Guidlene.
treatment of undesendent testes is surgery ASAP.
many thanks
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I was born in the Netherlands in 1964 with both undescended testicles. My left testicle settled before I was one year old. The right testicle did not untill I reached the age of 12 to 13. Our family doctor at the time suggested manipulation, pushing the testicle from the inguinal canal towards the scrotum. When it was able to reach the scrotum, I still had times where it would retract.

Several years later I had complications from a vasectomy in the form of a heamtoma. When the blood clot was removed, the surgeon fixed the left testicle into the scrotum. Not much different from orchiopexy, the procedure done for fixing the problem of undescended testicles.

I believe that this should be avoided as it can cause more problems than benefits. As males get cold after swimming or other ectivities where the scrotum is exposed to cooler temperatures, the testicles retract higher up in the scrotum. In a case of undescended testicles it is even possible to have them retract into the inguinal canal. This was the situation with me. Normaly both testicles would remain in the scrotum, however the right would ofthen retract into the inquinal canal. My wife and I were able to have three children, even after I started having problems with infections of both testicles.

About a year after I had the hematoma removed, I ended up with a Strep B infection of the left testicle, which resulted in the loss of my left testicle. To my surprise, no longer having the testicle was far more confortable over having the left testicle fixed in the scrotum. With the left testicle immobilized, it caused problems with pain in certain positions. Some times while sitting down, but also at postitions that I had to get into with my job as a heavy duty mechanic.

As long as the testicles are in the scrotum most of the time, I would not recommend orchiopexy. I'm very thanfull for our family doctor for not sending me in for a surgery that could have lasting consequenses.

I sincerely hope that no surgery is required for your son.

All the best,

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