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OT, but any suggestions?
My MIL called me last night from the hospital and they admitted her because of hernias. She has already had like 12 hernia repair surgeries. Her normal surgeon that had done all the other ones told her that he would not do it because she is to high risk (diabetic) and that she is too fat!! Doctors words!! You are too fat. Are you kidding me??

My MIL is 4'11'' and she has breasts that weigh about 35 lbs apeice. Her family doc has written multipul letters to Title 19 (she is on disability because of the hernias) to try to get them to pay for a breast reduction. They refuse! For some reason they would rather keep paying for hernia surgeries than eliminate the main cause of them.

My question is....is there anything that any of you ladies know about that we would be able to do to get her that reduction?? I would pay for it if I had the money, but unfortunately, I don't. I know it's completely OT but right now I am desperate to help this wonderful woman out.

Thank You!!
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