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Iud removed and no period

This is my first ever post, im not even sure if i have posted in the right place, but here goes!

I removed the coil (iud) on the 10th Dec 09, i was due to start my period on the 15th Nov 09, My periods are normally very regular and if ever only a day late but normally always sticking to 31 day cycle. I'm still waiting for my period as we are hoping to get pregnant soon.

The iud had no hormones and therefore should not have affected my date. whats going on? I feel as tho my period is due to start i have bloating, back pain but nothing down there :( this has annoyed me no end as i wanted to start asap. we made love on the night the coil was removed, but that was after ovulation, I didnt think it was possible to get pregnant so i dont think i am. I have not taken a pregnancy test as i am so sure i cant possibly be pregnant.

Is it possible somehow i could have gotten pregnant so close to my period coming?

If not which is prob the case what is going on?

and when will i ovulate if my period does not come? should i keep trying anyway?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, so sorry for the long question.

Ps: before IUD (no Hormone) removal, i was fully checked out, i had smears and infection tests done everything was all ok.

Thank you for any help xxxxxx
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