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by Cheekonut, Jul 17, 2013
I haven' t had an attack of the 5 hour heaving thing since I moved into this place. I...

by Carroll25, Jul 16, 2012
I went out to steak and shake with my boyfriend and after of course came the burping and th...

by tambilee, Apr 15, 2012
Friday April 13: Trinity woke with a fever (101.3) complained of stomach and leg pain. Feve...

by BrennieGirl, Nov 22, 2011 - 1 Comment
Bad stomach pain, Pressure on my lower neck and right under my chest making it hard to brea...

by BrennieGirl, Nov 20, 2011
It was so sudden and so strong. It started with just a slight headache, then I started gett...

by Stoda, Oct 24, 2011
Started feeling funny about 3:30 or 4 today. Seemed to just get worse. I drove myself to ...

by Linzee87, Jan 13, 2011
So in sept i found out i have metabolic syndrom. Since then all my unexplained stomach pain...

by crinklenose, Oct 24, 2010
I have bad high stomach aches at night (above baby, below breasts). It may be indigestion, ...

by Des_a_rae, Aug 17, 2010
Woke up this morning to alot of lower back pain and some lower stomach pain. I'm not s...

by sleepoholic58, Jul 26, 2010
I was up with the worst stomach pain and felt like I was going to throw up but I didn'...