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Journals about weakness


by kersh79, Jan 17, 2011 - 3 Comments
Last year in august I had a hernia operation done near my belly button. & the consult...

by andycapp61, Dec 30, 2010
This morning I woke up early feeling fairly good, went to the toilet, used my Spiriva Inhal...

by cvnurseann, Dec 03, 2010
This migraine has been the death of me...It began a week ago today (Friday) and I have been...

by Lotus93, Jul 06, 2010
I am having a fever, voice sounds awful, sudden weakness and fatigue. I have been bedridden...

by RedFlame, Jun 18, 2010
This week has been mixed in it's intensity and new symptoms. I began having more eye ...

by chaz64, Apr 25, 2010
today i am just getting over infected tooth still taking 500 mg penicillian . i am weak i ...

by ChickenBoo, Apr 03, 2010 - 4 Comments
Thought I would post this here... just in case a miracle happens and someone knows what thi...

by Krisiness, Feb 28, 2010
I forgot the paper for my english homework. And that *****, because it's a lot of work...

by sickinmo, Aug 15, 2009
in a TON of pain. :( Still can't sleep...and it's now been close to 36 hours of ...

by hailey88, Jul 26, 2009
i havent been on for forever. well heres what happened. my sister was dating a guy. hes a j...