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Journals about bloated


by Hermitthefrog, Feb 01, 2016
I just woke up and it was almost 2pm. I had a hard time getting out of the deep sleep and ...

by Morphman, May 24, 2012
Stomach has been feeling bloated and gassy the last two days. When I belch, i burp up this ...

by Morphman, May 16, 2012
Stomach is feeling a bit bloated and cramping. I don't know if it is something I ate o...

by ktytkanych, Feb 14, 2011
I feel bloated today. I guess I didn't eat enough vegetables yesterday.

by happyocean, Oct 11, 2010
Today I asked one tall cup of coffe in a grande cup so I'll have more room for milk. T...

by andreasmom, Jun 01, 2010
I've been feeling extremely bloated. I've also been exhausted and a little const...

by Me967, May 29, 2010 - 6 Comments
It's been a year since she checked my bld work or seen me. Since I take two heart meds...

by plusssizettc818, May 26, 2010
Today my mentrual ended. I hope I don't ever see it again until another 9 months in ho...

by erin140, Mar 10, 2010
feeling very bloated, very tired trying to be positive and pray that AF wont appear next we...

by little_hippie, Dec 13, 2009 - 2 Comments
I swear im showing!!! Ive got a small baby bump on the way and i love it. Im feeling draine...