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I'm 9 weeks about to be 10 and my belly has already popped is this normal?
10wks+2dys pregnant feels really bad laying on my belly sometimes is it safe r should i lay...
Belly wraps after pregnancy? Do they work? What ones are best?
Syphilis - STDs Community
- Jun 13, 2014
i had unprotected sex around a week ago, i now have a rash on my belly and back, i do not h...
Does walking and running help reduce weight loss. What is used to relieve belly what
I had a bellybutton piercing and I had to take it off because I am pregnant. I noticed the ...
When does your belly start getting big? And how can I get rid of UTIS quicker
Hiya I'm 7w pregnant it's my first time. I'm scared from other some women's because after...
Hey, I was wondering if it's normal to be able to suck in your belly at 25 weeks ? I have a...
i always thought i had a chunk of old umbilical cord in my belly button and one day in the ...
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by ska4life1986, Apr 22, 2010
i started walking to day must say it helped with the hormones have to do somthing abou...

by Aleen217, Nov 14, 2009
I felt Flutters in my belly all through out the day. I love it!!!!

by Poohbear401, Oct 11, 2009
Well, I got the invitation today. Tiff is planning on having her baby shower on Novemb...
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