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Journals about endometriosis

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by EmilyBr35, Mar 26, 2015
Overall problems as of today: Rash-- First experienced this type of rash on 10/28/...
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by neversurrender, Mar 08, 2015
I've had extreme pain for over a decade, and was a long aggravating journey to find rel...
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by heatherbear25, Oct 25, 2014 - 4 Comments
hi this is my story for those that can maybe relate to what i had to deal with for 8 years....
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by weepingwillowtree616, May 17, 2013
I have suffered with endo for a very long time..I have as many of you, suffer with this dis...
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by vinmen, Apr 17, 2013
A brief background on my first stint with endometriosis. My first bout with endometrios...
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by Elaine Brown, MDBlank, Dec 27, 2012 - 16 Comments
In the United States 1 in 8 couples has difficulty when they wish to start a family. **...
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by ms_mary, Jun 13, 2012
Just had a cyst removed last Thursday , I was glad to know the pain would be gone but not e...
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by clomidkid, May 31, 2012 - 2 Comments
Been ttc for over 9 years. been through a lot of wrong answers and dead ends,going to move ...
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by Ritac1972, Apr 12, 2012
alot of pain l side pelvic and uterus. Shooting pains uterus. Really bad brown Clots coming...
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by Ritac1972, Apr 11, 2012
very f