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by nenee01, Jan 12, 2016
today seat on meeting was burinig and back in the morning is worse woke up

by Pd1mally, Mar 26, 2014
Started my apomorphine on the 10th February 2014 took until the 26th the get dose correct w...

by aynrose, Feb 22, 2014
Went to the pool yesterday to exercise; was in great pain afterwards. I exercise in deep wa...

by Lucafira, Feb 14, 2014
Woke up with a severe stabbing pain in my left eye. It felt like my brain behind my left ey...

by dswank9, Dec 23, 2013
As of Friday the 12/20/13 I could not handle pain, Dr gave script percocet 5 mg. I finally...

by aearly, Nov 05, 2013
After a full round of chiropractic care on my back, neck and hips for 3 mths., my chiro tol...

by PaineinMaine, Oct 03, 2013
13 years ago I was on top of the world. I was in Grad school, running a University program,...

by geekygranny, Aug 28, 2013
Went swimming with Georgia at Y. Did the Arthritis Class in the colder pool.

by Becca323, Jul 06, 2013
I've been very bloated even though I have more than a week before AF is due, a pulling...

by Michael Gonzalez-WallaceBlank, Mar 02, 2013 - 10 Comments
Neck and Back Injuries: Exercise to strengthen your neck and your back ORIGINAL POST htt...