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by ericVF, Apr 06, 2015
I was diagnosed in 2010 with vasculitis. I took prednisone for a couple of months until it ...

by Cloudwindgate, Jan 17, 2010 - 1 Comment
This morning i stood looking at myself in the mirror thinking about my dream last night. ...

by keyman26, Aug 02, 2009 - 1 Comment
Well things are finally looking a bit better. The newly installed programmable valve seems...

by Krisiness, Jul 08, 2009
My day started lacing my new sneakers, quite bright, green, white, with floursescant pinkre...

by sjboo, May 21, 2009
So I got the all clear - nothing to report - no medication, the only follow up will be to h...

by Trance_Gemini, Mar 08, 2009 - 1 Comment
I'm 24 and am about to go in to have surgery done for the first time EVER. I'm ge...

by Roshelle32, Jul 14, 2008 - 4 Comments
Hi everyone. I wanted to get on here and say hello to my people. I hope all of you are well...

by Roshelle32, Jun 17, 2008 - 2 Comments
Man, I have to say i feel good. I have some gas but thats to be expected. I dont have much ...

by snooky761, Jun 10, 2008
It's D-Day. I have to go for a check to find out what the actual mark on my lung is. I...

by Rosie70, May 11, 2008 - 1 Comment
It has been 13 days since my surgery. I am feeling a little better. Still sore but can de...