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Back, Spine & Neck Surgery Forum

Questions in the Back and Spine Surgery forum are being answered by medical professionals and experts.
Hi Dr, I'm not sure whether this is the right place to post this qns. But in the free section i can't get any luck on a response so i ...
Greetings 2 weeks ago I underwent a lumbar discectomy operation (L4/L5) to fix a rather large disc bulge (spinal canal diameter was 2-3 ...
I have had a cascade of problems starting almost 4 years ago. I have numbness in both feet ( peripheral neuropathy, idiopathic I am tol...
Had 2nd discectomy Dec. 2010 and am having new numbness in r buttocks, r shin along with pain. Am unable to sit and am only having relie...
May 2000: stopped work .. severe left-side sciatica. medications/treatments -Tylenol #3 Robaxisal Celebrex Vioxx -acupuncture...
44 yoa healthy male less my chronic, lumbar pain, 24/7, constant throbbing/aching w/a steady 6/7 & up pain level. Years of back pain, gr...
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