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Pain started 23 years ago.One day just started hurting. Had the pain on and off for 13 years. Tried doctors, physio's - nothing worked. T...
Hello, I'm trying to find some help for my 66 year old father whose health is degrading rapidly. Here are his issues that I was able ...
my son was injured playing football two years ago, he is now 17. Been unable to continue with most high school sports, we have been to o...
I am 39 years old and in August 2010 had a synovial cyst removed L5/S1, laminectomy. I was pain free for only one month. Since Oct. I hav...
had 2 recent thoracic CT's (10/29 & 12/2/10) and hope you can put in layman's terms. The CT was repeated because the 1st was not helpful ...
Hello. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 2 months ago I had a L5/S1 Laminectomy/Discectomy and 1 month ago I developed a sudden, s...
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