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I was at the farmparks today and piglets began nibbling in my fingers like a bottle. Staff became concerned shortly after about tetanus. ...
Hello. I am a Master of Public Health student studying ways to increase flu immunization. Do you get the flu shot each year? If not, w...
My daughter is 5.3 years old and will be starting school kindergarten soon. She is born and brought up in Australia. In Australia 4 doses...
I'm 29 and I had my last booster shot in 2009. I cut the top of my foot on a rusted truck. I didn't have anything to clean it with. So I ...
I received the first rabies pre exposure vaccine (Verorab) yesterday in Japan on day 0 but I am leaving to go to another part of Japan in...
Hi my lil one is 5 months i put 3 dose of opv and i doesn't put any ipv. Ipv and opv are same are not?? We need to put ipv?? Please sugge...
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