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When should a person be concerned that they are addicted to plastic surgery? Are 8 surgeries too many?
I am sorry if this is posted in the wrong section but I am new here. I fell and landed on my chin. The laceration resulted in 6 stitches....
Please help me ! I’m a 25 years old girl who is living in Middle east. In Iran. I think u know about here. In Iran virginity is the most...
I was about to book a breast enlargement for next month but then remembered I have an ongoing pericardial effusion, there are no symptoms...
i have a huge hole in my septum it started as a pin hole about ten years ago and has got worse over the years . my fear is it will comple...
It has been a week since I have had my reduction. I was a 38DDD and I don't know what I am now. I asked my surgeon to try for a 38C+, I a...
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