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Any parents of older teens with ADHD?

My 19 year old was a good student in high school and then withdrew from college due to drug abuse (another topic).  His psychiatrist says he has ADHD and wants to put him on Adderall (sp?) when he returns to school next semester.  He is impulsive and has always been energetic.  I never saw him as having "crazy" energy -I guess because we have 4 sons and I'm used to boys.  Can he have ADHD if he was able to graduate with an B average from a private school but he is definitely impulsive? I thought one of the signs is not being able to concentrate.  Apparently he can when he wants to.  
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    It really depends on the individual doctor.  One thing that you might look into is what his school offers.  Talk with his counselor.  See about getting a 504 or an IEP based on what your psyc says.  Then see what kind of counseling they have.  A big thing for kids of his age is getting along with the doctor - and the college setting (could be a group thing) might be a better fit.
   I have well over 300 individual links to specific or general topics.  Can you give me a hint as to what you are most interested in or what is the most pressing issue.
    I will start you off with a link to an adult ADD site that both you and he can take a look at.  It will give you a good feeling for how ADD or ADHD can effect someone.   Since it is by someone who has ADD, its a bit disorganized, but has tons of info.  Main thing it has though is info that lets you know that you are not the only person on this planet going through this.
   Let me know if you have any specific info requests - otherwise, I will just start sending things I feel might be helpful to him.
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   Kids with adhd can focus on things they like.  In fact, they tend to hyper focus.   Problem with private schools (not all obviously) is that they tend to inflate grades due to parental pressure.  Who knows your son may have been capable of all A's.  
   Studies have shown that kids with ADHD who do not use medication, tend to self medicate which may be what happened to your son.   The meds will help him.  But they are only part of the answer.  He needs to learn about adhd and how it affects him (as do you).  Then he needs to learn coping strategies.
All studies show that a combination of behavioral modification therapy and meds are the most effective treatment.  
   I have many good links if you need more information on any of this.
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Thanks for the reply. Is a psychiatrist equipped to do behavioral modification therapy or is that more for a psychologist?  The psychiatrist is an addiction specialist is that matters. Also yes, could you send me the links you referred to?
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You can get an IEP OR 504 at the college level? If so, how will that help him in college? I heard of those terms for high schoolers but college? I have a lot to learn....
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   This should help with that question, plus lots of good links on the side of the page.
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    This is also a pretty good link with just helpful ideas for teens with adhd and college.
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