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ADHD with speech delay

My son is nearly 11 years old. He has ADHD with traits of Autism. He has severe speech delay which therapists believed should have been up to scratch by now. I'm just looking for advice or testimonials from other parents who went through the same thing. Did your little ones speech improve? All advice appreciated.
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Hi, been a long time but wanted to reach out to you.  I'm sorry you've not been answered yet and here to offer you some support!  So, my son as sensory integration disorder.  That is adhd's cousin. Similar but slightly different. He has trouble with processing. What was the information from his speech evaluation? There are three parts to speech.  Receptive (taking in what is said to you and processing it), expressive (organizing what you want to say) and articulation (forming the words).  If any one of these has an issue, speech can be delayed.  All are slightly different.  My son had articulation issues first.  That has gone away completely. He does have some processing issues.  He processes slowly.  For him, working on his sensory system helps organize his nervous system so he can process better.  Anyway, what has your son done in terms of speech therapy?  He does not have an autism diagnosis, correct?
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