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He always feels that my intentions is not good And everything is always my faults.

I'm 30yrs old,with 3 kids and married for 7yrs.. My husband started being abusive physically and emotionally since I came to his country. He cheats, he nag most of the time with a small thing I do and he beats me many times without any good reason to beat me. There's so many things He does that I can't explain everything. But one thing now is that I'm feeling so sick and tired of him because of the way he mistreating me.. Coz I feel like he don't love me anymore, but his own family like his mother who always rejects him, he always see her pain even she is just pretending and everybody knows about It. But for me he does not care at all if I'm in pain or if I'm feeling so bad of what he did to me.
I want to give up because I'm tired and scared that he might kill me one day because of his mother. And she lies and acts so much drama that he always believed what she says.
Please I need your help..
Thanks and God bless everyone.
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Since he has always hit you, there might not have ever been any love.

Wife beaters don't change their ways unless a judge orders them to take a course or go to jail. You can go to the police or ask a women's shelter for help.
Thanks for your answer.. honestly he beats me recently. And he does not apologise for everything he have done. If I will tell him something that what he is doing to me is not good, he will turn everything to me. I love him and I can't put him in trouble or send him to jail. I just want peace and I want him to open his eyes that one day he will realise what he did to me is wrong. I don't know if leaving him with my children is the right thing to do. Because I'm sure he will take care of them. I just need to save myself for what he can do to me in the future, even though he promise he won't hit me again but I can't trust him if this is the way he treats me every little thing I do he nags.
Thanks for your concern.
God bless
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I agree with the previous answer.  Depending on where you live, there are non-profit organizations that have women's shelter if you are afraid for your life.  

Only you can find a way out of this situation.  

Your husband does not have much love to give.

Hope you find a way to stop your husband from hurting you but hopefully not the kids.  You need help from your family or close friends etc

If you are getting hurt (you must call 911).  
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Love is not an issue here.  Whether your husband loves you or not, he is not safe to be around.  You don't say which country you live in, and I know some countries are governed by religious laws that do not protect women, but if you live in a country where you are allowed to leave, leave, now, no questions asked, no time thinking about it.  Again, love doesn't matter if violence is involved and especially when it's repeated violence.  You can't solve your husband's problem, only he can if anyone can, but you can keep yourself and your children safe by leaving and returning to your family until you get resettled.  
You want peace but he is stronger than you and doesn't care about peace. It is not surprising that he says everything is your problem because that is how he wants it to be since he is bigger than you, so he won't change.
He prefers you to be his servant that he can beat. You want him to change but he doesnt care so he won't change.
Anyone who would hit anyone else doesn't love them and will not change to be a nice person, no matter how much you want him to be.
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